Our Approach

We pride ourselves in our dedication to becoming a fully trauma-informed provision.

Our curriculum design allows us to underpin our ethos into all areas of learning and delivery to ensure we offer our students a positive and relational experience that recognises the impact of trauma and continuously strives to reduce this.

Our staff are trained in Adverse Childhood Experiences, First Aid for Mental Health, De-escalation, and Positive Handling. All staff also attend training on behaviour theory; our ethos is built on ‘Connection before Correction’.

We understand that children do not learn in the same way, and that every behaviour has a root cause.

We use trauma-informed strategies in the way we approach our curriculum development, learning spaces, and relationships between students and staff.

As a trauma-informed setting, we train our staff to be aware of the impact of trauma on children and young people and to be sensitive to how teaching and learning is delivered.

The impact of trauma on an individual can be substantial, and can create barriers to not only learning, but also social and emotional development. There is always a reason for behaviour, and our ethos of ‘connection before correction’ ensures that rather than sanction behaviour, we focus on finding the root cause of behaviour and support our children through their inability to cope; offering supportive and calming strategies in a safe and nurturing setting.

We focus on understanding the whole student, developing positive and mutually respectful relationships so that we can work with the child or young person and empower them to make good decisions and build positive relations, whilst working closely with families to encourage consistent approaches.

Children learn best when they feel safe and supported; our approach allows children to understand that their feelings are valid. It allows us to help children to regulate themselves and understand why they may feel this way, and helps to channel their feelings productively. This promotes a safe learning environment for children and staff, and supports access to learning and the opportunity to achieve their potential.

A child whose behaviour pushes you away is a child who needs connection more than anything else.