Policies and Procedures

All of our Policies and Procedures are available to view as a PDF, please choose from the list below.

Please note: All policies are applicable to students attending Rosewood Independent School and Total Tuition Alternative Provision on the Rosewood site.

2023 – 2024 Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy – Updated February 2024


Admissions Policy 23-24

Rosewood Accessibility Plan 23-24.docx

Anti-Bullying and Anti-Peer on Peer (child on child) Abuse Policy 22-23

Anti-weapon and knife guidance 23-24

Assessment Policy and procedures 23-24

Attendance Policy 23-24

23-24 Policy for a Consistent Approach to Behaviour

Careers Guidance Policy 23-24

CCTV Policy 23-24

Complaint child friendly 23-24

Complaints Procedure for Parents Carers 23 – 24

Confidentiality policy 23-24

23-24 Creative Arts Policy.docx

23-24 Curriculum Policy.docx

Diversity and Inclusion Policy 23-24

Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco Education Policy 23-24

E-Safety Policy 23-24

23- 24 English Policy.docx (1)

EAL Policy 23-24

Equality and Community Cohesion Policy 23-24

Exclusion and Suspension Policy 23-24

Fair and Safe Internet Usage

23-24 First Aid Policy (Updated March 24)

Fire Safety Policy 22-23

GDPR 23-24

Handwriting policy 23-24

Health and Safety Policy 23-24

7.0 COVID19 – School Risk Assessment – Sept 2021

Health and Safety Policy for Students 22-23

Humanities Policy 22-23

Information sharing policy 23-24

Intimate Care Policy 23-24

Marking and Presentation Guidelines 23-24

23- 24 Mathematics Policy.docx (1)

Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Policy 22-23

Monitoring and evaluation policy 23-24

PREVENT Policy 23-24

2023 Prescribed medication policy

Preventing Bullying- Guidance for Students and Parents/Carers 22-23

Record management policy 23-24

Remote learning policy 23-24

23-24 Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Policy.docx (1)

23-24 Science Policy.docx (1)

SEND Policy and Information Report 23-24.docx

23-24 Social Policy.docx (2)

23- 24 Technology Policy.docx

Therapy Dogs Risk Assessment 22-23

Uniform Policy 23-24

Whistleblowing Policy 23-24

Staff Disciplinary and Grievance Policies can be found within the Staff Handbook, which all staff sign on commencement of their position.

The Northumberland LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer for Safeguarding) can be contacted by email at [email protected] or by telephone on
01670 623979.