Policies and Procedures

All of our Policies and Procedures are available to view as a PDF, please choose from the list below.

Please note: All policies are applicable to students attending Rosewood Independent School and Total Tuition Alternative Provision on the Rosewood site.

Admissions Policy 22-23

Accessibility Plan 22-23

Anti-Bullying and Anti-Peer on Peer (child on child) Abuse Policy 22-23

Anti-weapon and knife guidance 22-23

Attendance Policy 22-23

Assessment Policy & Procedures

Updated May 2023 Policy for a Consistent Approach to Behaviour

Careers Guidance Policy 22-23

CCTV Policy 22-23

Complaint child friendly 22-23

Complaints Procedure 22-23

Confidentiality policy 22-23

Creative Arts Policy 22-23

Curriculum Policy 22-23

Diversity and Inclusion Policy 22-23

Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco Education Policy 22-23

E-Safety Policy 22-23

EAL Policy 22-23

Equality and Community Cohesion Policy 22-23

Exclusion Policy 22-23

Fair and Safe Internet Usage

First Aid Policy 22-23

Fire Safety Policy 22-23

GDPR Data Subject Rights 22-23

Handwriting policy 22-23

Health and Safety Policy 22-23

7.0 COVID19 – School Risk Assessment – Sept 2021

Health and Safety Policy for Students 22-23

Humanities Policy 22-23

Information sharing policy 22-23

Intimate Care Policy 22-23

Marking and Presentation Guidelines 22-23

Mathematics Policy 22-23

Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Policy 22-23

Monitoring and evaluation policy 22-23

Positive Handling Policy 22-23

PREVENT Policy 22-23

Prescribed medication policy 22-23

Preventing Bullying- Guidance for Students and Parents/Carers 22-23

Record management policy 22-23

Remote learning policy 22-23

Remote learning policy 22-23

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 22-23

Science Policy 22-23

SEND Policy and Information Report 2021-2022

Social Policy 22-23

Technology Policy 22-23

Therapy Dogs Risk Assessment 22-23

Uniform Policy 22-23

Whistleblowing Policy 22-23

The Northumberland LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer for Safeguarding) can be contacted by email at [email protected] or by telephone on
01670 623979.