Rosewood Independent School in Northumberland is currently undergoing an application for Independent School Status with the Department for Education.


- Building Connection Before Correction - 

Rosewood Independent School is a trauma-informed setting specialising in 1:1 and very small group bespoke academic support through mental health, trauma, and SEN interventions.
We are a co-educational school offering placements for 10 full time and 25 part time students. Our site is in Ashington, Northumberland. We offer bespoke placements to students aged between 6-16.

We are committed to providing a safe learning environment in which children can improve academic performance, develop positive relationships, and be inspired to love learning.

We welcome:

  • Permanently excluded children
  • Children at risk of exclusion
  • Looked After Children/ Children in Care
  • Children facing social and emotional challenges
  • School refusers
  • Children with mental health concerns
  • Children with mild to moderate SEN
  • Children who have experienced trauma or adverse childhood experiences

All of our placements involve a high level of support beyond the classroom.

  • We work closely with Early Help, CYPS, Primary Mental Health, and allocated social workers.
  • We build positive relationships with parents/carers.
  • We attend Core Meetings for our students, and provide reports upon request.
  • As we have a qualified and experienced SENCO in our Senior Leadership Team, we support with EHCP applications, observations, and assessments.
  • We are also happy to help external professionals deliver support courses to hard-to-reach children who find engaging with services challenging.
  • We have experience supporting the Youth Offending Team, Educational Psychologists, Adolescent and Child Domestic Violence Teams, and SORTED (Substance Misuse Services).


We believe in building connection before correction. We provide a nurturing environment in which we inspire children to achieve success to their highest potential. Our individualised trauma-informed approach to teaching and learning allows us to encourage social and emotional growth and promote positive and respectful relationships and acceptance of others.


  • To develop confident, self assured, and able learners.
  • To share our passion and enthusiasm for education.
  • To provide a stimulating learning experience for all children.
  • To support children for life-readiness.
  • To develop independence, self-esteem, and resilience in pupils.
  • To encourage social and emotional growth through promoting good relationships with adults and other children.
  • To create a welcoming environment for all children and visitors.