Testimonial from Atkinson House School, Northumberland

The progress made has been outstanding!

One of our students had real issues with attending a large, and more often than not, busy school environment. This led to him falling behind and missing out on his education due to his anxieties. We took the student to Total Tuition for a visit and knew instantly that this would be the perfect environment for him. It was more one to one based learning and have seen a huge difference not only in his work, but his whole personality too. They have focused on bringing out his weaker areas but enhancing on his stronger ones too. He consistently attends his 3 sessions a week which has resulted in a much improved attendance rate. Academically, he has improved in all areas, so much so that he is now writing a book!

I cannot fault the communication with Total Tuition and have always had prompt correspondence on any queries or questions that I have raised.

Jennifer has always kept me in the loop with anything that is relevant and always sends over up to date reports regarding the student’s progress.

We were fully aware of any procedures in place with the lockdown and what they would be doing during these times by a well informed email, and they have continued supporting the students with online tutoring, which again, we have received full reports on these.

When conducting home visits myself, the parents have always given very positive feedback.

Total Tuition provides regular feedback to the parents by sending out student reports so they can see what progression has been made and what areas need working on. They also make home visits where they can discuss and give feedback with the parents directly as well as regular phone calls.

Jennifer has been very accommodating with us from day one. She carried out the initial visits for our students and was very thorough on what they would expect when attending there. There were no hidden surprises! All the staff we were introduced to were very friendly and seemed very happy in their roles. This has been filtered down to the students who also seemed as relaxed and happy.

I feel that all staff are very organised, have an open style approach, work well and are efficient with progressing all students. Good leadership skills have achieved this, and Jennifer has to commend herself on running a great provision with a great team!

Atkinson House School – Northumberland